About me

Hello there! I’m Florence Oberholzer, a fierce development economist, life enthusiast and travel junkie.

I fell in love with vibrant Latin America a few years back, after having studied, worked, volunteered and backpacked in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia.

During my master’s degree in economics at the University of Oxford, I pursued my Latin American love affair by going to the Colombian capital, Bogotá, for research. There, I became aware of how central land grievances are in the current Colombian conflict and decided to write my master’s dissertation on the political economy of paramilitary land dispossession in Colombia.

As stimulating as it was, my time in academia made me realize that grand ideas, critical analysis and introspection are sometimes just not enough. It made me realize the necessity to bridge the gap between words, reflection and engaged social action.

Moved by a deep sense of humanity and social justice and greatly inspired by the hope for peace present today in Colombia, I therefore decided to volunteer as a peace observer for the NGO Peace Watch Switzerland. For those of you who are curious about what this consists of, click here.

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